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multiple categories not getting added to Content

Question asked by mphasis on Nov 25, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2009 by mphasis

This is my current scenario. I am trying to upload a document from scratch through webscript. I am having multiple categories to be attached to this content.

This is my code
[b]upload.addAspect("cm:generalclassifiable");["cm:categories"] = catNodes[0];["cm:categories"] = catNodes[1];[/b]

now the problem I am facing is although catNodes[0],catNodes[1] contain values in them. Only last value assigned gets added to document overriding the previous one. The problem is["cm:categories"]
is not able to assign an array as alist of categories.

I even tried["cm:categories"] = catNodes;
. But then it doesn't add anything

I have even tried the following links and this

But in vain. Any ideas?