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Issues while editing WCM content

Question asked by uh7415 on Nov 25, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2008 by zmicer

I am facing issues while editing a content (xml) generated via web form.
a) Editing a content and saving it does not reflect back. The old content & the renditions still remains.
b) Opting to edit a different content item, throws an
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: instance document root tag name invalid. expected abc:abc, got xyz:xyz
c) Some fields of the form is not shown, date and the channel type (my xsd's are based on wsf sample site)

I am not too sure of it has been fixed in Alfresco (WCM) 2.9b / Alfresco (WCM) 3b release. Both releases show similar behavior. It works fine with Alfresco (WCM) 2.1 release.

Can some one suggest on how to go about fixing this.

Thanks in advance.
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