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Labs 3C / ubuntu.

Question asked by monk on Nov 25, 2008
Ok to set the scene:-

We have been evaluating Alfresco with Labs 3b, there are however a fair few bugs many of which have been fixed for 3c.  We currently don't want to run on nightly builds for the next evaluation (+100 installs / different builds = nightmare) and so we we have decided to wait for Labs 3c before hopefully going onto full blown enterprise.

We were hoping 3c would be out by now from what we read but there doesn't appear to be much movement in that direction.  Now that is probably unfair and there is movement but there is a lack of transparency on what is happening.  Our biggest problem now is that it has gone on sooo long I'm not sure we can hold the sharepoint admins at bay much longer and I know they could get something running rather soon.

We would also like to make the install as easy as possible as a lot of junior admins will be testing there code on this, so we were very happy to see Ubuntu will be offering a package install.  Each time I have spoken to canonical however I'm told that "they are working on it and it will be soon" at Linux Live Expo in London about a month ago we were also told… soon.  So any information you have on a date of release would be really useful and if you are talking with the Ubuntu guys, give them a prod :D

p.s. This is probably in the wrong part of the Forum now, the post kind of got away from me.