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file impossible to delete

Question asked by stickman on Nov 26, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2010 by jharrop
I have several files I'm trying to delete, with no luck so far. I always get this error:

* Unable to delete File due to system error: Found 1 integrity violations: Invalid property value: Node: archive://SpacesStore/870b7ffc-d3f2-4fe1-a1bf-71e4117bc6ed Type: {}content Property: {}name Constraint: Value 'Hoja de gastos - Gesti?n Econ?mica de XaTcobeo.ods' matches regular expression: (.*[\"\*\\\>\<\?\/\:\|]+.*)|(.*[\.]?.*[\.]+$)|(.*[ ]+$)

The filename should be "Hoja de gastos - Gestión Económica de XaTcobeo.ods" but instead it was stored by Alfresco as: 'Hoja de gastos - Gesti?n Econ?mica de XaTcobeo.ods'.

Now it looks like it won't delete as stated in the error because of the ? characters.

How can I delete this kind of files?