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Alfresco JavaScript Debugger on deploy

Question asked by ahoward on Aug 18, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2011 by muralie39
Each time I deploy the alfresco.war, the Alfresco JavaScript Debugger (Swing client) automatically launches. Not only do I not want this (right now), but it seems to be preventing the deployment of the WAR, particularly since I can't exit the debugger (File > Exit, Ctrl + Q, and GUI 'x' all do nothing).

The last console message is:
[SchemaBootstrap] All executed statements written to file C:\DOCUME~1\ahoward\LOCALS~1\Temp\Alfresco\AlfrescoSchemaUpdate-All_Statements-19553.sql.
The WAR is not actually deployed (preventing me from accessing the web-app) and I get lots of stack traces on shutting down the server, many of which complain about not being able to unlock the cache since the CacheManager was never loaded (or something like that).

I tried killing the application via the Task Manager (WinXP), which seems to restart the deploy procedures, because I see all the Hibernate configuration logging again and the JavaScript Debugger re-launches.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!