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JSP + Web Forms

Question asked by maephisto on Aug 19, 2007
Please help me understanding JSP callouts from Web Forms XSD.

I believe the idea is that I can insert custom data in ui controls through a JSP call from the XSD file tha defines a Web Form. I need to create a JSP that reads a XML file to get some values and I need to render this values as radiobuttons in my Web Form.

The Alfresco wiki is really poor about this topic, so I tried to study examples contained in WCM 2.0.0 (press-release.xsd) and the ones contained in WSF (motd.xsd or potd.xsd). In my opinion they are too complex and I cannot understand what I should do: from what I've understood there are MANY things to do. In the XSD file I should use a xs:include tag to point a JSP; this JSP must contain some reference to JSTL (to use conditional instruction or loops) and to a namespace linked to a TLD file, which has to be registered in web.xml. The TLD and the JSP must use a Java Bean to execute something (in my case it should read the XML file and return a collection of values contained there).

  1. Is all this correct?

  2. Java + TLD + Bean are the ONLY means to get something dinamic in Web Forms creation?

  3. If I create a Web Script (from this point of view the Web Script should read the content of a XML file in AVM Store), how can I use this Web Script in Web Form creation?

  4. Is there a tutorial or maybe a simpler example to let me understand the whole thing?

  5. TLD and JSTL are really required? I've never used them and I'm bit scared: what are the few things I should know about these two technologies?