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Deployment (to FS)

Question asked by sacco on Aug 20, 2007

After a great deal of guessing, I have discovered that the target
entries under the targetData property (in the application-context.xml file)
have keys which correspond to separate webapps within a
Web project (at least it appears to be the default that the Web Client
deploys files to a destination target determined by webapp folder).

ROOT ==> default , though.

It might be a good idea to mention this somewhere in the documentation
or readme file, as there are several other guesses which could be made.


The Deployment Receiver will create the directories configured for each
webapp, although sometimes, if a directory has previously been created
manually, it will delete a directory and not re-create it (I've only done this
experiment with and empty webapp folder, so I don't know if the same
would happen under other circumstances).

This will require special consideration on some systems, as, for example,
it may be necessary to ensure that the directories are created with an
appropriate Security Context to allow the site to be served by a
web-server, etc. (this particular problem can usually be circumvented by
burying the deployment directories under a top-level directory from which
they should inherit the appropriate context, but other similar issues may
arise: perhaps the notification script/function should have a broader
'fixing-up' rôle).


For anybody wondering, the notification script (I haven't checked out
the option of the Java function) receives as its first argument the name of
a temporary file containing some kind of log of the deployment; the script (or function?)
should probably delete this file once it has used the information or logged
it somewhere more permanent, but be very wary if you do this automatically
in your notification script as this parameter is undocumented and a change
of definition could therefore prove disastrous!