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Preview Website: Is this a Bug?

Question asked by sacco on Aug 20, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2007 by sacco
In the course of investigating
I discovered that I can Create a new Webapp Folder
within a Web Project, and that I can subsequently
select a Current Webapp Folder with which to
work in the Web Client.  (I'm not yet sure exactly
how or whether I intend to use this, but…)

However, whenever I select a Current Webapp Folder
other than ROOT and try to Preview Website, Tomcat
returns HTTP Status 404 and tells me that the requested resource is unavailable. 
I'm guessing that Alfresco's path-mangling for the
Virtualisation Server has not actually been set up to deal with multiple
webapps and that it is just looking for a directory under the
ROOT webapp instead, but I don't actually know what the intended
behaviour is here.