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Execute rule on home user space

Question asked by louiswu on Nov 27, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2008 by louiswu

I'm trying to execute a rule that sets permissions through a javascript on a user home space when a new user is created. The rule never gets executed when the user is created, but the javascript runs as expected when executed as an action through the web client.

The rule is defined in the space "User Homes" as follows:
    Rule type: Inbound/Update (it doesn't work either way)
    Apply rule to sub spaces: yes/no (it doesn't work either way)
    Run rule in background: no
    Disable rule: no
    Conditions: All Items
    Actions: Executes script 'script3.js'
Where script3.js contains the following code:
space.setPermission("Consumer", "abc");
abc being one of the users that I have defined

I'm using Alfresco Labs 3.0.0 (b 1164) schema 131

I'm totally lost. Can somebody please give me a hint about how to make this work?