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Cannot create html-content

Question asked by ruirosado on Aug 20, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2007 by ruirosado
Hi all,

I installed Alfresco community edition bundled with Tomcat. Version 2.1.0.
Using DB: MySQL.
All went OK. I am doing the Alfresco-Tutorial in Guest Home, and it seems to run OK, with one exception: I cannot create HTML-content. However, I CAN create TXT and XML content by typing directly in a text-area. But when creating html-content, I get an empty view in Step two. It shows: "Step Two - Enter Content" as top line, followed by: "Enter your document content into the repository", and as last line: "To continue click next"and a empty space in between. It seems like the WYSIWIG editor is not displayed at all, like in the tutorial.
I looked around on this forum, but could not find a solution for this problem.
Apart from this: Alfresco is a great ECM product.