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Automatic checkin on client side

Question asked by perencia on Nov 28, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2008 by mikeh
Hi all,

In our organization we are facing the needle to make automatic checkout/checkin on client machines, that is: the client clicks a link which downloads a document which is opened by the default editor ( i.e ms word ). Then when the edition is done, and the client program ( ms word ) closed, the content is checked in automatically on the repository. The only solution we've arrived to is to use a java web start client which wraps the ms-word edition phase and communicates to the repository via web-services. Due to the fact that alfresco is on the back end and only accesible from  the front-end, we should at the same time create a web-service in the front to get the java web start component requests. So we need to develop a JWS component and a Web-service.. which is too much since i'm very lazy! :) so..

Has someone faced this situation ? Has anyone a better and less error-prone idea to resolve this ?