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Changing the submit action when modifying properties

Question asked by lee on Nov 28, 2008
We have large amounts of custom properties on for our content. This makes the  modify properties page very long so when some one updates a property (say adding a value to a list) the page refreshs and the view jumps back to the top of the page. This becomes tedious and time consuming when you need to enter a number of properties, especially when they are lower down the page.

Has anybody developed a fix for this?

I realise this is a jsf issue but am looking to find a workaround. I've come up with two possible solutions: ajax (too difficult to implement) and anchors.

I'm new to jsf so am struggling to find how to exactly add anchors to a page and make the submit buttons include the anchor in the page refresh.

My current theory is to do the following:
extend the multivalueselectorrenderer to add an anchor on the page.
extend UIPropertySheetClass to add javascript on submit that will adjust the url to include "#anchorname" to the url.

Will this work? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this?