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Trouble creating associations with Alfresco WS

Question asked by isanalon on Aug 21, 2007
The following code is not working for me. Everything works fine until the line "WebServiceFactory.getRepositoryService().update(cml2);" is reached.

private void creaAsociaciones(Reference referFrom,Reference[] referesTo,String type)
            Predicate pred = new Predicate();
            Reference[] ref2 = new Reference[] { referFrom };

            for (int i = 0; i < referesTo.length; i++) {
                Predicate pred2 = new Predicate();
                Reference[] ref3 = new Reference[] { referesTo[i] };
                CMLCreateAssociation createAssoc = new CMLCreateAssociation(pred,null,pred2,null,type);
                CML cml2 = new CML();
                cml2.setCreateAssociation(new CMLCreateAssociation[] { createAssoc });
                } catch(Exception e) {System.out.println("Excepción en creaAsociaciones: "+e.getMessage());} //java.rmi.remoteException

I think that the params that this method receives are correctly defined:

Reference refClausulaAsociada = new Reference(store,id_clausulaAsociacion,null); 
            Reference[] refNuevoTextoAsociadoClausula = new Reference[] { newDocumentNode };         
            String tipoAsociacion = "{}TextosC";

I have debugged and no param is null.
One of the nodes I'm trying to associate is a new node I just created. Do I need to set any property of the node in order for it to be associated with another? Could that be the problem?

PLEASE HELP, I've been dealing quite a long time with this issue.

PS. I'm working with a relase of Alfresco previous to 2.0 I hope I don't have to deal with changing versions (I've already tried that and I got more problems than solutions) just to solve this little issue.