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Need to disable Full Permissions on uploaded files

Question asked by mjlarkin on Aug 21, 2007
I have an issue I can't seem to resolve via custom roles:

In order to move files through a simple workflow, the user must have permissions on both the source and target spaces…I want the user to only be able to upload a document, and then pass it along to the next space without being able to view the destination space's contents.

I've tried doing this with custom permissions, but it seems like the issue is that the user has "ownership" of the file throughout the work flow, and therefore can see the existence of the other spaces, and modify the files at anytime, etc. 

It's too tedious to have to take ownership of the document manually, and unless I missed it, I can't do so automatically in a work flow.

I basically want the following scenario to work:

1) User uploads a file into Space1
2) User starts the workflow, which sends the file to Space2
3) User can no longer modify the file, or even know that Space2 exists.

Any ideas?  Where is the code that makes a user the automatic owner?