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Copying Content

Question asked by tjholmes on Aug 21, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2007 by kvc
Like most people, I want to be able to cut, copy, and paste content from one space to another within the same Web project.

Even more so … I want to create a bunch of content in one web-site, and I wanted to copy that content to another web poject within WCM.  

As we create one piece of content within a web project, I was examining the node in the node browser.   This is important to us, because when we create content under a web-project … to that content … that becomes the owning site of that content.   When we show that content in the web-site, we'll have special rules for it.

We'd like to copy that content to another folder in another web-project … but creating it as an association to the original content … NOT as a new piece of content.   That would be great for us.   Under this new web project, because it is NOT the owning site, then we would display it differently.

Is this possible?  can we do this with an action?  Is this functionality built in?    Can we do a simple copy (or cut) and paste with content?   I keep seeing content put into the clipboard … and it says I can use the More Actions to paste all, but I can't find it.

Thanks for any help!