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Query association with Alfresco WS 2.1? -now it's different!

Question asked by isanalon on Aug 22, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2007 by rwetherall
Hi every1:
   I used to query associations using the following code:

Association[] assoc = {new Association("my:ClausulaPliegoC", AssociationDirectionEnum.source)};
       try {
          queryAssociated = repositoryService.queryAssociated(node, assoc);
          ResultSet associatedResultSet = queryAssociated.getResultSet();
          ResultSetRow[] rows = associatedResultSet.getRows();

But in Alfresco WS 2.1 the class AssociationDirectionEnum doesn't exist and also some of the actions above can't be performed. How do you query associated nodes using this version of Af WS?
BTW, I was trying the new version because I couldn't create associations with earlier versions of Alfresco Webservices (1.4) (see my earlier post on that, with still no answers)
Is there any version where both of these features -creation and query of associations- are fully functional?

I'll be very grateful if someone helps me, this problem has been driving me nuts for a long time.