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How to use UIGenericPicker ?

Question asked by tico on Aug 22, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2007 by tico
Hello you all,

I'd like to update a property from an aspect with external data. The idea is to use the UIGenericPicker to select the data in a filtered list.

I have created the aspect, and that worked fine,

I have created a generator class, extending BaseComponentGenerator. What I would like to do is, in edit-mode, display an UIOutputText, which is updated by the data selected in a UIGenericPicker.

I know how to display the UIOutputText, or the UIGenericPicker (with the external data), but not the both together, and neither how to update the UIOutputText data with the data selected in the UIGenericPicker.

I have investigated the Component Generator Framework and Component Library wiki pages, but didnt find any response…

Any help and code sample is very welcome.

Thanks and regards,