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Problem with index recovery time and 32000 file limit

Question asked by cariou on Dec 1, 2008
Latest reply on May 22, 2009 by andy

My lucene index folder has reach the limit of 32000 subdirectories that is a systeme limit (you can find other post about this subject).

As I can/do not change this limit, I wanted to rebuild my indexes, in order to merge all the lucene indexes in one segment.

So I remove the lucene index folders, set recovery mode to FULL (instead of validate) and start alfesco (2.1).

The reindexing process start but it is very very very long (3 days and not reach the half…).

So my questions are :
* Why is there so many subfolder in my lucene index repository ? How to have only a fex subfolders ?
* Why is the index recovery mode so long ? How to accelerate it ?

Precisions :
* I have an ldap-authentication synchronization running every 10 minutes (for users and groups). Can it be the reason why the number of index is so importants?
* The alf_transaction table has more than 1 million rows. Is it normal ?