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Jibe framework

Question asked by daniel.gradecak on Dec 1, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2011 by raff50
After a lot of hard working time we are glad to announce the first release of our Jibe framework, which is a complete UI framework for Alfresco, based on the JavaScript ExtJS library.
Jibe is highly configurable and embraces the re-usability of UI components, which are configured via the Alfresco XML configuration. Those components are all configured on the server side and thus
there is no need to write any JavaScript if the components are already written.

Our aim is to enable an easier UI development with Alfresco and especially in the Business Process Management (BPM) area, where our target are the developers and a rapid development process. Jibe is deployed as any Alfresco AMP and is also modular. The first release comes with the Jibe core framework and a Repository browser module.

If you are interested to test it you can get it from SourceForge ( and check the installation instruction on
The Alfresco repository supported in this release is the 2.2 enterprise version.

We kindly invite you to test it and to give us your feedback.