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Facelets Client

Question asked by dhalupa on Aug 22, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2007 by dhalupa
Dear all,

Please, be informed that, after few iterations :), I have managed to convert Alfresco Web Application to a version which is using Facelets as a component tree building technology instead of JSP. If you are not familiar with Facelets, this article could give you good overview.
This is a simple port of JSP version of client and it does not use all the possibilities which Facelets are offering, but could serve as a good starting point to begin with jsp refactoring.

At the moment the client is provided as a patch which should be applied to the Web-Client project checked out from svn. The patch itself can be found here.

Please have in mind that this conversion is not really complete. What is missing is the following:
1. Some files were not converted because java flow control was used inside of jsp which has to be replaced with jstl tags. These are:
2. Not all components are registered within taglib.xml files. This particulary is true for wcm components.

Hopefully within following few days, I will also convert the rest of the files and will complete different taglib.xml files.

Kind regards,