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XPath Date compare does not work

Question asked by rajakari on Dec 2, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2010 by kpdamm
I can't get date comparisions to work when making XPath queries.

Only this works:

          Query query = queryManager.createQuery("/jcr:root/app:company_home/cm:MCP/element(*, mcp:document)"
                                     + "[@cm:created = '2008-11-19T13:40:48.800+02:00']", Query.XPATH);
It returns the Node whose cm:created is the same as given date.

But if I change the comparator operator from '=' to '<' (or '>' or '<=' or '>='), it does not return a single Node.

Is this an unimplemented feature, or am I missing something in the query?
I believe this is a vital feature when using XPath.

I'm running this on alfresco-labs-sdk-3b.