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After enterprise trial - what happens?

Question asked by pjolsen on Aug 23, 2007
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Hi guys,

I'm using Alfresco for a university project and I have spent a considerable time configuring and customizing Alfresco to meet our needs. At the bottom of each page it says "alfresco enterprise. certified adn supported." I have seen on the startup that I have something like 20 days trial remaining. What will happen when this trial time expires? If I don't purchase a licence (which is likely given that we're a very small group of students and dont have money to spend on purchasing expensive software,(even if it is extremely good software :)))  Will i have to move my documents? will i lose any functionality? I tried following links on the forum to comparison guides, but they were 2 years old and gave me 404 errors.

Thank you!


Phil Olsen