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Export and Import through API

Question asked by arnab_thokder on Aug 23, 2007
Latest reply on May 26, 2009 by mdutoo
I am using alfresco 2.0 in windows with tomcat server and oracle database.

I am not able to understand the following code given in the wiki link :

// define which part of the Repository to export
Location location = new Location(new StoreRef("workspace", "SpacesStore");
ExporterCrawlerParameters parameters = new ExporterCrawlerParameters();

// setup an ACP Package Handler to export to an ACP file format
ExportPackageHandler handler = new ACPExportPackageHandler(…);

// now export (note: we're not interested in progress in the example)
exporter.exportView(handler, parameters, null);

Can anyone please explain how it will work… especially how the handler is being created and how 'exporter' will be obtained.

Is there any other way to export or import programmatically?

Thanks in advance.