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custom aspect

Question asked by abirb on Dec 3, 2008
I have succesfully added a custom aspect and it works fine , I have tested it by adding the custom aspect using rules to a predefined space and it shows up fine while i try to add any item to this space.

The problem is when I am trying to do a 'sort_by' inside an .ftl file the console gives an error something like
list results?sort_by(["properties","sc:seq"]) as child
?sort_by(…) failed: The "sc:seq" subvariable (specified by ?sort_by argument number 2) was not found.

when i remove the sort_by clause the result shows up fine , I have also tried another approach of printing the seq property as
inside the ftl file which shows an error like
freemarker.core.InvalidReferenceException: Expression is undefined

I have checked in the alfresco Node Browser the seq property is listed under properties and I am able to fire lucene queries from the node browser using the sc:seq property which works fine !!

Let me know in case i am missing something