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Unable to complete basic workflow

Question asked by kalpakuri on Dec 3, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by rhinmass
I am unable to complete the basic workflow using create rule wizard.
In step two of Create rule wizard,after I select "Add simple workflow to item" option and click "Set Values and add" button,I am taken to a page where the following needs to be set
  a. Name for approve step:
      Choose whether you want to move or copy the content and also the location.
       Move  Copy             To:   Click here to select the destination  
  b. Reject Flow
      Do you want to provide a reject step?

But when I select the destination for approve step and and reject step,am getting a java script error "object expected" and "ok" is disabled.

I am not able to move further to third step and complete.
This problem is encountered when I am using My-sql datadase.But whne I use Oracle database,i am able to complete all the steps successfully.

Can any one help me on this urgently.thanks in advance.

Siddhartha Kalpakuri