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Creatig a file and paste in there the clipboard

Question asked by jlabuelo on Dec 3, 2008
Good Afternoon

I would like to know if it is possible to perform this action with the JScript API for Alfresco. We need to create a ODT docuent, paste in there an image stored in the  clipboard from a PDF document and once this is done, transform the ODT document in PDF.

I have checked the API and I think how to do everything but adding the image from the clipboard in the ODT document.

Does anyone needed to create something like this before? is it possible to do it just with the Java Script API, or I need to create a Java action to integrate it with the Alfresco Application?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

Here I paste the JScript code I have (is quite simple, I dont know if it is ok  :D )


// First we create the odt file
var doc = userhome.createFile("FileCreated.odt");
// Now I would like to add the Image from the WallPaper
// Now I would like to transform it to a PDF
var trans1 = doc.transformDocument("application/pdf");