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how to add user group a permission to add web sites

Question asked by timurso on Dec 4, 2008
Maybe somebody knows- is it possible to write some kind of a custom role so that group with this role could create Web Sites in Web Projects folder, but this group couldn't see other groups' web sites?
also is it possible to restrict the "Manage Space Users" only to show users:
a) with specific prefix
b) from specific group?

basically I want such scenario: for one organization there is 2 groups: "<orgname>_Users" and "<orgname>_Administrators". Admins should be able to create web sites in Web projects space, but they wouldn't be able to see other groups' projects and vice versa. Also Admins should set user permissions (roles) to this web site, but only users they should see should be from "<orgname>_Users" group.

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