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Disable log4j for WebServiceFactory when using webservice

Question asked by simon on Aug 24, 2007

I built this custom webservices Java program that logs in in Alfresco using the API. This works fine and I enabled log4j so when I run the program the AuthenticationUtils.startSession(USERNAME, PASSWORD); line shows the following output
16:54:32,749 DEBUG [webservice.util.WebServiceFactory] Using endpoint http://server/alfresco/api
This is fine but I can't disable this so I always get the alfresco.log file all over the place and it doesn't seem to pick up my own log4j configuration. Is there any way to disable the Alfresco log4j in these jar files when I use the webservice? I DON'T want to change the log4j for my Alfresco system, only the webservices one.

Thanks and have a nice weekend!