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Create new node and content from BPEL

Question asked by sveinikr on Aug 27, 2007

I am using Oracle BPEL to read and write content in Alfresco 2.1 (Windows).

I am able to read content, and update content which is already in Alfresco (overwrite). I am, however, having problems creating new content nodes in the repository.

I suppose that I have to use the repository-service (cml:create?, cml.writeContent?, cms.addChild?) I am very unsure on how to invoke the service, and can't find any examples on SOAP-input messages to perform this activity.

Is there anybody out there who can help me? (I have a feeling that Mark Hayen has done this, but have not been able to track down his e-mail address!)

Best regards,
Svein Ivar Kristiansen