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Project Management

Question asked by buurd on Aug 27, 2007

I am going to evaluate Alfresco for use in the company I work for. We need the following (although perhaps not everything in Alfresco).

Documentmanagement (who, why etc)
WebContent Management (to allow a normal user to edit content)
Project Management (Why do we do this, who is going to do it when)

The first to I belive that Alfresco will handle nice. The third I'm not sure about.

Can Alfresco be used as a simple project manage-tool. Is there anything prebuildt (ala webcontent) to setup Spaces as "Projects" to witch one can assign tasks, keep track of their status etc?

Is there concepts that Alfresco is not suitible for although Alfresco could solve them (kind of you can do it that way but it's not the right way of doing it)?

Thanks in advance
Roland Carlsson