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Questions on NFS and general setup

Question asked by atariq on Aug 27, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2007 by atariq
Forgive me if this question is too broad in context or is not where it's supposed to be, but any thoughts at all is much appreciated!

Here's a general overview of what our system is currently like:

- Primary domain controller is Samba and it's running on a Linux box (CentOS 4). This is also the main fileserver. Lets call this Server X.

- Most workstations at the office are running Windows XP Pro.

- There exists a directory on the fileserver with more than a thousand documents, many subdirectories with their own user access privileges.

- We've set up an Alfresco server on another linux box and it has been configured to work with CIFS and NTLM. Lets call this Server Y.

The goal we are trying to achieve is to emulate the functionings of the aforementioned directory on Alfresco while keeping the user privileges intact so as to make the experience as smooth and seamless to the users as possible. Ideally, we'd like to continue using the directory on the fileserver and map it to the Alfresco server via NFS or anything similar. So my questions basically are:

- Is it possible to mount an NFS share on a Server X to the Alfresco server, Server Y, given that both are on Linux? This way people can continue accessing the existing directory on Server X and see changes to files irrespective of whether they've been made on Server X or through Alfresco on Server Y.

- If so, how would this affect the way people use the Alfresco client?

- If not, would you offer any suggestions on how to tackle this setup?

Again, the main goal is to make this as painless to the users of the existing directory on Server X as possible. We want them to use Alfresco but we also want to keep things as technically sound and practical as possible.

Thanks and much obliged in advance!