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Unable to preview website properly using alfresco bulk impor

Question asked by sanghamitra on Aug 28, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2007 by sanghamitra
Hi All….

I was trying to deploy a war file in the latest version of alfresco2.1.
Though I am able to deploy it in staging sandbox properly but when I try to preview it the entire look and feel of the site gets lost.

The war file which I have deployed uses struts and JSP. Does Alfresco2.1 support Struts ?If yes then I think the problem i am facing is that the entire folder structure is getting lost .

e.g. When I preview the first page appears without the look and feel but later when I click on any of the internal links I get a /$-1$pp$ROOT/ in my path.The entire path looks like this :-

Can anyone help me on this as soon as possible