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Problem with startup on VMWare install after adding 2nd HD

Question asked by jsilve1 on Dec 8, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2008 by jsilve1
Alfresco Labs 3b
Solaris 10
VMWare Workstation 6
MySQL backend

Initially, this was up and running just fine! However, I had set up my Solaris machine with too small of a virtual disk – only 8GB – and ran out of disk space and was unable to add additional Alf components (OOo integrartion, etc.)

Alfresco was installed in /opt/alfresco.

See this page for my writeup in the Alf wiki:

No problem, says I, I'll just add another disk! So I did, and moved the contents of /opt (which included Alfresco and MySQL and some other stuff) to the new disk, and mounted that on /opt. That basically worked, as near as I could tell (as in, the stuff in /opt all ran, such as MySQL and StarOffice), but Alfresco simple refused to start! I keep getting Alfresco 404's.

I know someone is going to say "post the log" so with that in mind, *which* logs should I post and where are they?

Also, if anyone has any ideas up front, that would obviously be great.

In the meantime I am sandblasting my Solaris VMWare install and starting over. But I do hate unsolved mysteries.