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Feature request reg. Groups, Space Templates and many users

Question asked by theo on Aug 28, 2007
Ok, I would like to put forward a thought about how it would be great to be able to use Alfresco, but cannot be done today as far as I understand things.  :)

In Short:
You need to have some kind of template User Groups to your Template User Spaces. Once the Space is instantiated the Templace User Group should be created as well to where you can fill in the specific users having different access levels for that specific Space.

Working for a TV Broadcast company, we have several projects that are running for a couple of months, with users from all over the place hired for the job. During this period they need to share quite some documents, and be able to update them without creating havoc.

Initially Alfresco works very nicely to satisfy the basic needs, like versioning, user rights, user spaces. And the key feature to be able to create a Template Space with all information needed to get a new project started, is super.

The challenge:
As a Project will have several different users, needing several different access rights, the template space with sub spaces needs to have initial user groups defined with different rights depending on as what you have been hired. All witch can be done within a Space Template…. BUT

The Problem:
If the same people in the groups should be able to access all the projects created from the template everything will be working very smooth as of today. But in our case one group of people might get hired to do one project needing an hierarchical  access to that space, while another bunch of people should only have access to another project. If you create a hierarchy och access rights using groups, ALL people within these groups will have access to ALLl instantiations of this Space Template, which is bad.

The Solution:
Well.. as far as I know there is none with the current code. But if you would be able to create a template user group with its sub levels in your Space Template, that once you have instantiated the new space, you also have a newly instantiated copy of the group hierarchy under "Manage User Groups".

In this newly created User Group derivative you then would simply throw in whomever you want to have the different access rights to that specific project and you are done, security and all. Thus having a copy of a Group looking like:

Root Groups > Project Employees > Production Assistants > Production Members > Editor > Producer

would then only need some people filled in at the different levels, and the whole Space will be secured with the right people accessing the right documents right from the start.

Without this functionality, its quite hard to use this nice Template feature when working in a non static user environment.

What do you Alfresco developers think about this idea?
And what does all other users think about this idea?