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Problems listing existing sites

Question asked by cphastings on Dec 9, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2008 by jtp
Hi Everyone,

When I hit the sites button to be shown a list of my sites, I get this error instead:

Can't parse response as json: ' [ { "url" : "\/alfresco\/s\/api\/sites\/test1", "sitePreset" : "site-dashboard", "shortName" : "test1", "title" : "test1", "description" : "testing", "node" : "\/alfresco\/s\/api\/node\/workspace\/SpacesStore\/b0342f2f-93fb-4d67-b061-2a5869960e4b", "tagScope" : "\/alfresco\/s\/api\/tagscopes\/workspace\/SpacesStore\/b0342f2f-93fb-4d67-b061-2a5869960e4b", "isPublic" : false, } , { "url" : "\/alfresco\/s\/api\/sites\/test2", "sitePreset" : "site-dashboard", "shortName" : "test2", "title" : "test2", "description" : "this is a test", "node" : "\/alfresco\/s\/api\/node\/workspace\/SpacesStore\/f93f9b37-7a7a-40f9-b8a3-ac6f047f22ed", "tagScope" : "\/alfresco\/s\/api\/tagscopes\/workspace\/SpacesStore\/f93f9b37-7a7a-40f9-b8a3-ac6f047f22ed", "isPublic" : false, } ]'

I am running Labs 3c - I never got this error in 3b.  Does anyone know where I can still download 3b?  All I can find is the link to download 3c.

I am running Windows Server 2003 x64 with MySQL 5.1

Any help would be appreciated.