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Restore method does not work since Alfresco 3

Question asked by sisao on Dec 9, 2008

im having problems in using the "mynode.restore" method since i have upgraded to alfresco 3.0
basically i got no errors or exceptions, it just does not work.
I''ve been trying this with a simple txt file with versionable aspect on and 2 versions added (1.0 and 1.1)….trying to restore 1.0

//Node root = session.getRootNode();
         Node file2restore = session.getNodeByUUID("1ec191c1-bf86-4c1e-a061-b4c0c74fd622");
         //Node workflow = root.getNode(p.getProperty("workflow"));
         //Node file2restore = workflow.getNode("cm:"+working_file);

i can see both version properly created by the web client….i cant retrieve those via jcr anymore….i used to do that with alfresco 2.2
Any idea?