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Multilingual Web Form

Question asked by terry.tao on Aug 30, 2007
Latest reply on May 25, 2009 by scottf
Hi, All,

i am fresher of Alfresco WCM.

i have a question about multilingual web forms.

Would you please reply some questions as following?

1. how to use the "Make Multilingual" function in Data Dictionary -> Web Forms -> your own web forms -> View Detail?

2. which scenario do we use "Add Translation"/"Add Translation Without Content" /"Manage Multilingual Content" functions? how to use them?

i tried it some times but i can't understand it well.

Is there some document to introduce it?

Actually, i want to create one website with three languages in alfresco WCM.
As i plan, i will create website content with three languages based on the same web form.
in other words, i want to reuse the web forms.

Thanks  in advance.

August 30,2007