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Calais Integration and Semantic Auto-Tagging

Question asked by stevereiner on Dec 9, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2011 by stevereiner
The Calais Integration for Alfresco is now avalable in the forge

This server extension leverages the Open Calais service to automatically extract semantic metadata from documents, has a semantic auto-tagging action service, tag suggest api, enables use of semantic metadata in search. Tags include linked data URIs, and provides geo-location info if avalable from Calais. Extracted RDF and/or JSON can optionally be associated with documents. Provides a web script REST api. It also adds an auto tagging action with dialog to the Alfresco web client (Explorer). The Calais integration service is implemented in Java, and most of the REST api web scripts are implemented in JavaScript (one web script is Java based).

FlexSpaces  uses this Calais integration and provides Flex based UI for semantic tagging, multiple semantic tag clouds,  and a google map displaying geo-location tags.

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