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Content Items - Pagination Pointer is always reset

Question asked by siquser on Dec 9, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2012 by pwaller
Here is the scenario

1. In my Space, I have "Content items" section, which displays 9 items per page
2. I have totally 25 items in this, which implies there are 3 pages for pagination (9 files + 9 files + 7 files is the break-up)
3. I navigated to page 2 of 3, to edit an existing document, performed the     Check-Out     –>    Edit    –>    Save / Update    –>    Check-in process
4. All went fine in above step.
5. The problem with Step-3 was I expected the site url to be always on "Page 2 of 3", but for some reason it always navigated to "Page 1 of 3" & every time I had to navigate forward to Page # 2

Is this a known issue? ANy easy way to fix this?