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How do I config separate JSP(JSF) pages for different types?

Question asked by stk137 on Aug 30, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2007 by stk137
I I am trying to create my own pages for my own custom space types similar to how forums work.
To get started I copied browse.jsp to community-home.jsp and I added this to web-client-config-custom.xml

  <config evaluator="node-type" condition="my:community">
      <override from-view-id="/jsp/browse/browse.jsp" to-view-id="/extension/jsp/community/community-home.jsp" />
      <override from-outcome="browse" to-view-id="/extension/jsp/community/community-home.jsp" />

Which is like what I saw for forums, but I must be missing something, it doesn't work right.  Clicking on a node of type my:community does take me to community-home.jsp, but then there's no escape.  Clicking on any links to other types of nodes (cm:folder) keeps me going to community-home.jsp, clicking on my dashboard doesn't work at all.  Although if I click on a forum node it does finally take me away from community-home.jsp and to a forum page.

What am I missing?  The forums work and I don't see any more config than I have setup for my type/page.
Are there any examples that discuss doing stuff like this?  I haven't found anything on the wiki yet.