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Mediawiki files are not stored in Alfresco repository

Question asked by quovadit on Aug 31, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2008 by faba
I integrated mediawiki to alfresco 2.1 following the instructions on

If I write a new article in the wiki, it automatically gets stored in the alfresco repository.  :D

But if I upload a file to that article in the wiki, this file (.jpg, .pdf) gets stored in the wiki-file-system, not in alfresco  :(

I can see the image-file in the alfresco wiki-space, but it has the size 0KB and if I want to open it via web-client, I get the error-message:

The node's content is missing: 
   node: workspace://SpacesStore/3b3582ed-59fe-11dc-bfeb-4b939856bcd4
   reader: null 
Please contact your system administrator.

It is very important for me, that uploaded files in the wiki only get stored in the alfresco repository, because that's the reason why we plan to use alfresco+wiki in our whole company (500+ users).

Thanks for every answer


some technical infos:
I installed alfresco 2.1 community edition with tomcat and mediawiki 1.10.1. with xampp  1.6.3a on a windows xp machine