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Running Alfresco as a service

Question asked by overkil6 on Dec 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2009 by pmonks

I am attempting to run Alfresco 3.0c as a service on a Windows Server 2003 SP2 box.  I have Alfresco installed to my e:\alfresco directory.  I have done the following from the command prompt:

c:\service.bat install alfresco
tomcat5.exe //US//alfresco –DisplayName "Alfresco Server"
tomcat5.exe //US//alfresco –JvmMs=256 –JvmMx=512 –JvmSs=64
tomcat5.exe //US//alfresco –JavaHome=e:/alfresco/jdk
tomcat5.exe //US//alfresco –Environment ALF_HOME=e:/alfresco/
tomcat5.exe //US//alfresco –Environment PATH=e:/alfresco/bin;%PATH%
tomcat5.exe //US//alfresco –StartPath e:/alfresco –Startup auto

I've also set the ALF_HOME system enviroment variable to e:\alfresco\

When I start the service it appears to start but then a few minutes later it stops on its own.  Event Log only states: "The Alfresco Server service entered the stopped state".

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?