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Multiple FileUpload Network URL setup Issues

Question asked by siquser on Dec 10, 2008
Setting up network drive for multiple file upload has a problem. Here is the explanation

1. On local machine Setup network drive as
    \\<Your Machine Name>A\Alfresco     ==>  Please note the alphabet/letter after  "\\<Your Machine Name>"  that is how Alfresco file-share works

2. It will challenge you for credentials.  Here you pass     Login = admin    password  = password  (the Admin password for Alfresco)
    Please note i'm not passing any domain name, for example  "dev\admin"

Problems I faced

A.  Instead of "Admin" account in step-2 above, if I pass another Alfresco account (say "sauser") who has been set as "Coordinator" within Alfresco, then the system fails to accept the credentials
     Is this by Design.  If yes, what is the remedy?  We dont want to provide Admin credentials to everybody in the company

B.  If for some reason say step-A above fails to accept the credentials (say I typed incorrect password), I have to log off from the machine & then retry to set network drive
     Is this by Design?  Is this a bug?   I logged-off, tried to recreate the network drive & it worked