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lifreay,alfresco and cas

Question asked by unknown-user on Aug 31, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2007 by jonas
I configured SSO with liferay and alfresco  To do that I used CAS.
The problem was using the download and the template servlet. I added the servlets path to the mapping of the previus filter to apply the CAS security check also to that calls. What happened: calling directly the download servlet (ie: from a link in email) CAS filter intercepted the call and send to CAS login page but after the authentication I got the Alfresco login page. But that page was not necessary because i was already authenticated .
So I took a look at the code and I found the problem. Was due to the "ticket" request parameter. Alfresco servlets look for ticket parameter for authentication. The problem is that the name of the parameter is the same for Alfresco and for CAS. So Alfresco fond a ticket, tried to autheticate it but that ticket was not valid for Alfresco, because is the CAS ticket.
I know you can modify ARG_TICKET in BaseServlet but i don't know the other class that you need to modify in order that the alfresco ticket authentication mechanism continue to work.
Any help will be appreciated.
thanks in advance