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Displaying documents

Question asked by atariq on Sep 3, 2007
I've setup the Alfresco 2.1 Community WAR bundle on a Linux server with MySQL and it all seems to be working well right now.

My next step is to be able to give people links to documents on the system that would display the docs in a window without having to save it on their desktops. The documents will consist of text with embedded content such as  graphs.

So I guess my question is two fold:

a) Is it possible to have documents in the above mentioned format? In other words, to have documents contain embedded content and then have the document be viewable within the web browser (much like a webpage I guess; pages that are viewable without having to download them)?

b) Do documents that are stored on the Alfresco repository have URLs that are directly accessible via the browser without having to go through the tree in the Web Client?

Thanks in advance!