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Automatic Backup Possibilities (with WCM)

Question asked by kiem_tra on Dec 11, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2008 by zaizi
Hi community!

I want to create rules/scripts for automatic backup with Alfresco. I want to add rules such as:

1) If the "effectivity" of a document is out dated, move/delete document.
2) If the document has not been open in the last X days, move/delete document.
3) If the document is a jpeg, keep it 3 years. If it's a pdf, keep it 5 years. etc. etc.

In one word, I want to implement a "calendar of preservation" (automatic back up).

Is there any extension that does that? I found this but it's not really helpful:
The guy had similar issues… No good solutions were found back in 2005. And now?

Thank you!