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Using inputCalendar from myfaces

Question asked by bgl on Sep 3, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2007 by robbiefpi

I would like to use the inputCalendar from tomahawk 1.1.6 (see

I can use it if it is not displayed as a pop-up (screenshot on the right in previous url). But when I try to have it as a popup (there is a button, you click on it and a popup appears with a calendar which is very easy to use see for a demo).

After configuring the web.xml to add the extensionfilter as explained in myfaces FAQ, I still have an error (seen using firebug):

Event.observe is not a function
init(span#dialog:dialog-body:date-depart-souhaiteeSpan)popcalendar.js (line 222)
[Break on this error] }.bind(this), false);

This error is raised when the page is loaded. As you can guess, no popup is shown when the button is clicked…

Did someone already met this problem ? I googled about this and it seems to be related to some loading order in the javascript…but I found no more.

Did Alfresco team test this component ? (I'm sure you did in fact ;)) it is, in my mind, much more user friendly than the current date selection component but may be it is incompatible with current alfresco code.

Any hint about this ?