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Cannot access Root Scope Objects in Share dashlet Web Script

Question asked by deane on Dec 12, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2008 by mikeh
I'm writing some Web Scripts for Share.  It's going well, so long as I don't try to access any of the "Root Scope Objects" – companyhome, userhome, search, etc.

Whenever I try that, for example –

var userFolderName =;

– my Dashlet throws an error –

"userhome" is not defined

Similarly, I get –

"companyhome" is not defined
"search" is not defined

– whenevr I try to access those objects.

I've looked everywhere, and I can't see in any of the examples that you need to import anything.  In fact, I've lifted code directly from some official examples and examples from the Packt book with no success.