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CoolIris crossdomain.xml file location

Question asked by alexr on Dec 12, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2008 by alexr
I just created a simple webscript to generate a rss (media) feed for CoolIris (video wall) flash application (formerly called PicLens).
Some info about CoolIris can be found here:
In order to let CoolIris have access to the rss feed I am instructed to place a so called "crossdomain.xml" in
the root folder.
The alfresco webscript call is:
At this moment I run everything local on an Alfresco Labs 3C (tomcat) windows setup.

Can someone please tell me in what alfresco / tomcat folder I have to place the crossdomain.xml for CoolIris
to work off the mediafeed of the above webscript call.