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Multilingual Website Content

Question asked by terry.tao on Sep 4, 2007
Latest reply on May 21, 2009 by dlsap
Hi, All,

I am fresher of Alfresco WCM.

I meet a question about multilingual website content described as following:
As i planed, i will use one web forms to create website content with several languages, such as English, French, Dutch…
But i only want to input website content one time and then translate to other languages.
for example, i input content with english, then translate english content to French/Dutch content.

Would you tell me whether Alfresco WCM has translation functionality?

I found some functionality in web forms, such as make multilingual, Add Translation, Add Translation Without Content, Manage Multilingual Content etc.

I couldn't understand them. would you please explain it for me? or other materials to introduce it.

Thanks in advance.